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Hello everyone,

Over the weekend, Baldur’s Gate 3 hit over 800,000 concurrent players on Steam – a number that surpassed our wildest expectations. Thank you for getting BG3 in the 10 most popular games of all time on Steam! It means the world to us, and we’ll continue to read and watch everything over the coming weeks.

That said, there’s work to be done on the road to the PlayStation 5 launch on September 6, and we’re busy working away on squashing some of the remaining bugs and issues that have come up since launch. We’ve got a new hotfix for you this week, addressing almost 300 crashes, blockers, and bugs. We saw a video floating around on the internet this week of… an unintentional gnome sorcerer wardrobe malfunction, and have kindly asked them to cover up while descending into the Underdark.

As ever, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to report these issues to us. Please reach out to our support team if you run into trouble.


    Fixed an issue causing you to get stuck in dialogue.
    Fixed a potential crash when reloading a savegame made mid-dialogue.
    Fixed being unable to enter the Shadowfell if you saved while the prompt was on screen.
    Fixed a crash caused by the UI.
    Fixed a potential crash when saving while standing on a surface during combat or in Turn-Based Mode.
    Fixed a rare blocker when loading a savegame made in camp that would cause a party member to spawn outside of camp.
    Fixed a potential crash when choosing to stop listening in on a dialogue.
    Fixed a potential crash when applying dye to an item outside of the inventory or through non-conventional means, such as the Reward panel.
    Fixed a potential multiplayer crash when the client touches the transponder on the nautiloid and leaves the party, and then the host tries to open Party View.
    Fixed a potential crash caused by the game trying to load the Character Creation UI when you are no longer in Character Creation.
    Fixed a potential crash related to the tooltips of items that grant skill advantages but don't have an owner.
    Fixed a rare PhysX crash.
    Fixed a rare crash related to moving items.


    Fixed long fade-outs when listening in on dialogues in multiplayer.


    Penises C and D no longer clip through some githyanki clothing.
    Male gnome sorcerers are no longer missing their undies.
    Fixed an infinite loop that could occur with spells like Minor Illusion, where the enemy and the illusion would repeatedly enter and leave combat.
    Fixed necromites not joining the combat with Ketheric.
    Fixed enemies on the upper floor of Moonrise entering combat with those on the lower floor.
    Fixed Voss' dragon reappearing after the githyanki scene near the Mountain Pass.
    Fixed a book in Moonrise Towers showing an internal variable name instead of the correct content.
    Fixed an issue preventing the boss fight with Ketheric from progressing.


    Removed the version number that was below the minimap.
    Improved UI stability by preventing possible crashes and possible savegame corruption.


    Fixed issues with rendering on Vulkan when minimising the game.
    Added additional multiplayer servers and server scaling support.
    Fixed an issue causing the wrong refresh rates to be applied if the game was not running in fullscreen.


    Fixed pauses and long silences in over 200 dialogues.
    Companions no longer block the camera in some dialogs.
    Fixed a camera issue where you see the back of Gale's head when he asks you to place your hand over his chest.
    Fixed a pop on Shadowheart when she hears the voice of Shar.
    Fixed Gale's paddle hands in one of his dialogues.
    Fixed Guex looking at the floor in his dialogue in the Emerald Grove.
    Fixed a blocked camera in the dialogue with Benryn at Waukeen's Rest.
    Fixed clipping and other issues in the scene where you hear the voice of the Absolute when approaching the Goblin Camp.
    Fixed a camera issue and a pop in the dialogue with the owlbear in its cave.
    Fixed players' feet sliding around in the dialogue with Jaheira after combat at Last Light.
    Fixed one of Astarion's lines getting cut off in a camp dialogue.
    Fixed several animation issues in the dialogue after some acquaintances of Astarion visit camp.
    Fixed a pop for players using Body Type 4 in the scene with poor Liam at the Goblin Camp.
    Fixed a camera issue in the dialogue with Edowin, Andrick and Brynna in the forest.
    Fixed Kagha's eyes rolling backwards à la Exorcist after the goblin leaders are defeated.
    Fixed a positioning issue with Lorin in the hag's lair.
    Cleaned up some mocap in conversations with Astarion.
    Fixed a head pop in the scene with the ogres in the Blighted Village.
    Fixed Wyll's head animation in the dialogue with Florrick at Last Light.
    Fixed Sceleritas Fel standing a little too close for comfort when he tells the Dark Urge to commit a certain misdeed.
    Fixed a camera issue in the scene with Radija at Moonrise.
    Fixed a minor pop when rescuing Zariel's asset for Mizora.
    Fixed a clipping issue with a certain hag's arms and leaves in the Blushing Mermaid.
    Fixed some character placement issues in an endgame scene.
    Fixed a camera issue for female gnomes in a dialogue at Moonrise involving something coming through a wall.
    Fixed a pop for the flesh golem when speaking to Balthazar.
    Fixed a camera issue when talking to one of Therezzyn's dire wolves in Crèche Y'llek.
    Fixed character placement issues in the lanceboard scene with Mol and Raphael at Last Light.
    Fixed a character placement issue that caused Lae'zel to float off the edge of the nautiloid.
    Fixed several issues in the dialogue with Bernard at the Arcane Tower.
    Fixed a camera issue in the boat scene where you're heading to a particular pool.
    Fixed a minor mocap issue with Fist Rowan at Wyrm's Crossing.
    Fixed Minthara looking to the side with suspicion the night after the celebration at camp.
    Fixed characters' heads popping downward when throwing a coin into the well in the Blighted Village.
    Fixed a minor pop when Shadowheart tries to convince you that you need her at the Goblin Camp.
    Adjusted Astarion's expression in dialogue with Gandrel in the Sunlit Wetlands.
    Fixed Blurg being invisible and Astarion being stuck in the wrong animation in the Myconid Circle.
    Fixed several issues in the dialogue with the monk's amulet.
    Fixed several issues in the dialogue with Dammon and Karlach about her heart.
    Fixed several issues in the dialogue with Fortuno Dibbs at Wyrm's Crossing.
    Fixed several animation issues in the dialogue with Kansif and Warrior Vez in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
    Fixed a minor timing issue with a Dream Visitor line when talking to Therezzyn in the crèche.
    Fixed issues with several voice-over lines.
    Fixed characters' eyes looking in the wrong direction in the ambush scene in the Shadow-Cursed Lands if you side with the Harpers.
    Cleaned up some mocap in conversations with Gale.
    Cleaned up some mocap in the dialogue with Astarion about illithid powers.
    Added some pained grunts for the player in a scene about Wyll in the Colony.
    Added grunts in a scene for Dark Urge players after they resisted the allure of their Urges.
    Drenn is no longer invisible in the scene at Moonrise when Minthara has to defend herself.
    Fixed a very long pause in a dialogue with Halsin after the endgame fight.
Hello everyone,

We’ve got another hotfix for you today, fixing over 200 bugs, issues and more. Dogs: man’s best friend, but remarkably high maintenance. In this update, we’ve let Scratch off the leash a little bit, and he’ll sniff out digging spots by himself! Make sure you give him a pet for every bit of treasure he uncovers, you heartless monsters.

Also, we’ve decided to make the Blue Behir Dice permanently available to all players. Some lucky players may have gotten hold of it early, but we’ll just… roll with it.

As ever, thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and reporting these issues! Behind the frontlines, our team would like to thank you for how much information you’re providing in your bug reports, it’s enabling us to get these hotfixes ready very quickly. Continue to be thorough, we appreciate it. Please reach out to our support team if you run into trouble.


    Fixed an issue with spell slots that would prevent you from levelling up while multiclassing.
    Fixed an edge case issue preventing you from initiating a Long Rest.
    Fixed a cross-save issue causing you to get stuck syncing indefinitely, which prevented saving and loading.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting a summon without a hotbar while a deck in the hotbar was maximised.


    Fixed the Hireling UI from being split in half on each monitor in splitscreen.
    Fixed some visual artefacts appearing on split-screen when using Vulkan.
    Wyll now correctly recognises and confronts Karlach when you speak to him with a Karlach avatar after another avatar has already spoken to him.


[Hide] (167.9KB, 599x380)
Due to a build error causing new crashes, we’ve rolled back Hotfix 4 for the time being. We'll re-release it as soon as we’ve fixed the cause.

If you’ve saved since updating, you won’t be able to load those saves until we’ve re-published Hotfix 4. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had to rollback hotfix 4 because of a rare compiler issue. To avoid this from happening again we’re changing the way we deploy patches.

Players who had downloaded hotfix 4 were unable to continue from their hotfix 4 saves once we had rolled back the patch. While this is not ok, rolling back the patch in order to diagnose the problem and limit those exposed to it was the lesser of two evils. We truly appreciate your patience & understanding while we worked to understand the problem.

This situation is remedied now with the re-release of hotfix 4 but we recognize the frustration caused by this and want to apologize. That’s why we’re changing things up.

All of you should now be able to continue your adventures, but essentially, here’s what happened:

Hotfix 4 went through a rigorous QA pipeline and was confirmed as a candidate for release yesterday. However, we triggered a rebuild of the version relatively last minute to change the version number. The version that was cooked was unfortunately plagued by compiler corruption, which was causing certain exceptions that normally wouldn’t cause crashes to - you guessed it - cause crashes.

Since compiler issues like that are extremely rare, we weren’t prepared for it. We should’ve been. We messed up.

It didn’t help that it happened at the worst possible time of day but luckily we have studios in multiple countries. Overnight (for Europe), our teams in Canada and then Malaysia worked to diagnose what went wrong, so that work could begin on redeploying a fixed version of the hotfix

To avoid this from happening in the future, we’ll make sure that any change made to future version candidates - no matter how small, or innocuous - will always go through our full & comprehensive QA pipeline, which include a global in-house QA team, automated testing, unit tests, and save-game compatibility testing.

Hello everyone,

Today we’re releasing our first major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, addressing over 1000 bugs, balancing, flow issues and much, much more. Patch 1 is too big for our usual patch notes due to Steam’s character limit, so for the full notes head to this link:

Read the full Patch 1 patch notes (Note: Some of the entries might have spoilers!)

So what can you expect from this update? Well, we’ve eliminated issues like NPCs who sometimes spot you when they really shouldn’t be able to, floating items like mugs and newspapers that should abide the laws of gravity, and the conclusion to Shadowheart’s romance scene not triggering for some players, among others. With expansive systems come many unknowns, so our support team continues to work with you to relay any issues to us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further reports.

Patch 1 also tackles a few visual bugs, and sprinkles on more post-launch polish. We’re bringing back Short King Summer with better kissing contact for short races!

You won’t be waiting long for Patch 2, which is right around the corner. This update will feature significant performance improvements - but we’ll go into more detail about that closer to its release.

In the meantime, did you know that collectively you’ve played over 200,000,000 hours of Baldur's Gate 3 since launch? That’s over 22,000 years!

The most popular class choice is currently Paladin, followed by Sorcerer, while the award for least popular class goes to Cleric.

Human and Elf characters reign supreme in Faerûn, followed swiftly and unsurprisingly by Half-Elf. On the opposite end of the spectrum we find Dwarf, Gnome, Githyanki, and Halfling. We get it, they’re not exactly the most ethereal beauties of the Realms but they’d still form a rad metal band.

For now, as we focus on fixes, thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and continuing to share this adventure with us.

Hello everyone,

Patch #2 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is now live, bringing bug fixes, substantial performance improvements and much more! If you missed our latest Community Update, we highly recommend you give it a read here for a glimpse at the future of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the role your feedback is playing in that.

Still here? Great! Withers has heard tales of Tavs, having requested the presence of their friends for an afternoon of adventuring, wanting to return to the lifestyle of a solo adventurer without their friends in tow. Therefore, he has come up with a solution. Introducing Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends! With this woodworked wonder, you can now dismiss co-op party members and bring your companions back into the fold. Withers’ solution only extends to custom Tavs, however - so no throwing Gale into a cupboard (although we’re sure it’s comfy in there).

As well as plenty of performance improvements and UI tweaks, we've added a new epilogue scene for Karlach, and are working on additional endgame scenes featuring other characters. Additional Karlach moments have also been added in Acts 1 and 2, allowing her to better reflect on her infernal engine and the options available to her.

We’ve prepared the highlights of Patch 2 below, followed by the main meat of the update. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, and for your continued support If you have any issues with Baldur’s Gate 3, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.
Hello everyone,

We’ve got a new hotfix for you today, fixing several bugs, glitches, and multiplayer issues.

Minthara lovers, your ship has come in. This hotfix takes care of a bug that blocked access to some of Minthara’s lines of dialogue, including some hot takes from your companions about your decision to date the ruthless Oath of Vengeance Paladin.

If approval is high enough, your romance with Minthara will progress in Act 3. This unlocks several new dialogues allowing you to explore and deepen the relationship, and discover more details of Minthara's backstory. Alongside many lines of interactive dialogue, many more non-interactive voiced lines are available with Minthara as a romantic partner.

Minthara isn't the only one who has new things to say though. Other companions in the party will comment on the relationship and may even find themselves on Minthara's bad side (there is no good side; we've looked really hard for it) should they have their own romantic entanglements with you. And Minthara won't watch silently if you stray from her side, whether your dalliance is with another member of the party, or [redacted].

We also have a number of fixes for just PS5 players. We’ve fixed graphical issues on HDR TVs, an issue in which game audio on PS5 stopped working, and a crash that would occur when opening the onscreen keyboard.

Thank you for taking the time to send your reports to our support team, and for all the messages you’ve been sending us. Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3!


    Fixed a bug that locked players out of many of Minthara’s lines of dialogue.


    Fixed sometimes not being able to talk to NPCs or party members because the game thought you were still in a dialogue.
    Fixed a rare crash that would occur when faraway characters got close to the party.
    Fixed a crash that would occur if a guard responding to a crime created a summon (e.g. an elemental), and you fled the combat or were incapacitated without killing the summon.


    Fixed an issue causing the game's audio to stop working on PS5.
    Fixed graphical issues on HDR TVs when the HDR black level calibration was set to 0.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when opening the onscreen keyboard.


    Fixed a memory leak when creating and destroying many objects.


    Improved performance when cycling through Character Sheet tabs in splitscreen.
    Fixed splitscreen not working correctly when a client with splitscreen already enabled joins a multiplayer game.
    Fixed dismissed avatars not showing up properly in Withers' Wardrobe if the host is at camp and is already looking inside the wardrobe.
    Fixed characters sometimes disappearing on splitscreen when the client reconnects after disconnecting while listening in on a dialogue.
    Clients rejoining a multiplayer game where there's a dismissed avatar in Withers' Wardrobe will now be able to pick that avatar up again rather than have to create a new avatar. (This bug would happen when the client left the session and another player selected that client's avatar in the middle of the dismiss-to-camp dialogue.)
Hello everyone,

We’ve got a small hotfix for you today, taking care of a few issues affecting dialogues and the controller interface.

As ever, thank you for taking the time to report these issues to us, and thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3.


    Fixed an issue preventing you from starting a new dialogue.
    Fixed in-game tutorials not popping up at the correct time on the controller interface.
    Fixed visual artefacts in an Underdark dialogue.
Hello everyone,

Patch 3 is now live for Baldur’s Gate 3. Mac users and chronic character re-creators rejoice! Friday’s update will bring the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 to Mac, and allow you to change your character’s appearance in-game via the Magic Mirror.

These patch notes are hefty
, and once again exceed Steam’s character limit for patch notes! If you want to skip the highlights and check out the full notes, head to this link.

Mac Support

With Patch 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 is now fully supported on Mac!

As with the PC release in August, saves made in previous versions of BG3 on Mac will not be compatible with the full release. To prepare your Mac for the full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 and minimise potential compatibility issues, we recommend you fully uninstall the game and remove any mods before installing the latest version.

The minimum and recommended specs for Mac users have also been updated: we recommend an M1 Pro processor and FSR enabled to run the game at high or ultra settings on a Retina display. Check the Steam store page for more details.

Mac players, thank you for your patience – now, gather your party and venture forth.

Magic Mirror

Tucked away in your camp, exuding a certain ‘we found this at a vintage fair and it’s too fancy for our current home’ energy, is an item called the Magic Mirror
. Tales have been told of its legendary ability to permanently alter the appearance of one who gazes into it.

The Magic Mirror allows you to change up your appearance whenever you’d like, however many times you’d like. There are some restrictions: your appearance, voice, pronouns and nether regions can be changed, but your race/subrace and body type cannot. Origin characters, hirelings and full illithids cannot use the Magic Mirror. Cosmetic modifications that are a consequence of your gameplay choices will persist – hag got your eye? Swallow any interesting tadpoles lately? There’s no Magic Mirroring those big life decisions away.

Personally, we’ll be applying incrementally heavier eyeliner whenever we have a Dark Urge moment in our playthrough to really emphasise our descent.
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